About Us

Diatom was a independent design and invention practice lead by Greg Saul, and was based in London, UK. As a studio we are exploring the possibilities that digital tools offer to give the end user a role in the design process. By developing experiences that produce this collaboration, we hope to create products that are enriched by the individual and evolve through the interaction of a community.

Between 2010 and 2014, Diatom was a creative collaboration between Greg Saul and Tiago Rorke, based across Wellington NZ, Lisbon PT, and London UK. Their work has been exploring digital fabrication and open design, whilst building accessible tools that invite participation and collaboration.

Greg Saul is a designer, programmer, maker who is interested in challenging the roles of the consumer and designer through his work.

Greg was born in Wellington New Zealand, a city with great coffee and a lot of weather. Greg studied industrial design at Victoria University of Wellington. During his studies he took an exchange to Carnegie Mellon University in the United States where he finished his design studies and stayed on to teach for a semester. After this Greg worked at the JST Erato Design UI Project as a visiting researcher in Tokyo where he developed a program called SketchChair that allows people to design their own furniture. Greg now lives in London.